PRANA Movement Studio

1on1 TRAINING and semi-private classes


1on1 training sessions and Semi-Private classes like Tandem, Trio or Squad are conducted by PRANA’s seasoned instructors, by appointment. The format and exercises are tailored to suit the individual or group needs and goals. The personalized sessions allow for greater progression and development with consistent practice.

Our machine-based Pilates programs are designed for: general fitness and strength training, post-rehab recovery, pre- or postnatal fitness, athletic conditioning and active aging.

1on1 training can be performed on any of our world-class Merrithew® Pilates equipment available at the studio — Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Stability Chair, and Redcord suspension slings. Open to men and women of all levels of fitness.

What to expect:

Learn body awareness, improve postural alignment, flexibility, mobility, and build core strength

Exercises can be tailored to address specific physical health concerns like chronic back and joint pains, recovery from injuries, post-rehab conditioning, enhance sports performance and many more.

Personalized program and individualized attention for first-timers, beginners and up to advanced students

Flexible pace, flow and intensity, with program modifications as needed



PRANA Movement Studio is one of the few boutique studios to incorporate suspension training exercises and the stability principles of Pilates.
In suspension training, we will teach you core-intensive exercises that will strengthen the upper and lower body.
It’s a dynamic class with varying intensity using Redcord® slings and attachments. Open for all levels of fitness.

What to expect:

Three-dimensional exercises on Redcord® slings that can support your full bodyweight to increase strength, build balance and stability; can decompress the neck and spine

Learn to incorporate Pilates movements while suspended on the slings; allows you to imporve your alignment, identify strengths and weaknesses in your body

Integrate upper and lower body strength and endurance, as well as core stability, for pain-free movement patterns and restore functional fitness


Progressing Beginner to Intermediate Levels

This group class is recommended for people who are progressing to intermediate level, as well as those who want to re-orient their Pilates practice after a break. Low-impact, medium intensity workout on the Reformer with a choreographed flow and dynamic pace. Improve your Pilates foundation moves, skills and body awareness as you gain strength, flexibility, balance and coordination to move to the next level.

At least 10 sessions of 1on1 training is required before students can join an Essential Class.

What to expect:

Better understanding of the Pilates principles and use of equipment with less supervision, faster transition and set-up in between sets

Improve body awareness, breathing and alignment, increase flexibility, stability, and core strength; mastery of foundation movements

Perform a repertoire of essential Pilates exercises on the Reformer with modifications and introduction to new props


Intermediate to Advanced Levels

Ideal for practitioners who want to take their resistance training to the next level. Perform medium to high intensity Pilates exercises that may utilize a variety of props and accessories. PRANA has curated some of the most innovative reformer accessories and props such as the Fitness Circle, resistance bands and Pilates balls to make classes more interesting. Intermediate to advanced exercises will challange your skills, increase core strength, coordination, mobility and range of motion.

At least 10 Essential Class attendance is required before students can join an Essential Plus Class.

What to expect:

Variations of the essential exercises at a faster pace, with progressions on the Reformer or Stability Chair to improve unilateral movement, coordination and core stability

Pilates strength and resistance training exercises for increased mobility, agility, power and endurance

Classes may incorporate use of:

  1. Vinyasa Triangle (Vinyasa on Reformer)
  2. Resistance bands, balls or Fitness Circle
  3. Cardio-Tramp Rebounder
  4. Jumpboard and Cross-Bow